About Phil

Phil's spherical perspectives have come from a life lived unconventionally. Janitor, postman, photographer, corporate executive, and international management consultant are but a few of the professions he has crammed into one life, so far.

In the early 1970's, Phil became an ordained minister and missionary in Alabama, Mississippi and East Texas. For 10 years he championed moral and social change and was involved in racial integration activities.

He began his secular career in his late 20s, worked his way through a variety of corporate positions, was involved with fast growth or turnaround strategies, and traveled to 13 countries.

He was also a commercial photographer, along with his wife Pamela, and worked for the publishing, periodical and movie industry. He has authored four trade books on technology and business management, as well as more than 50 published magazine articles. He has conducted seminars and strategic planning retreats worldwide.

Through it all, Phil observedfirsthandthe constraints of harmful belief systems and outdated business processes. He challenged many of those and searched for more workable, humane models. He had seen individuals and organizations succeed when conventional wisdom predicted failure. He had seen others fail when conventional wisdom marked them for success. Being Spherical was born of those experiences.

Phil's family history influenced his life journey.

Phil's paternal great grandfather, was the superintendent of the Flour Mills of America, in the early 1920s. He was an inventor with several patents. His grandfather was a rancher and horse breeder turned college physics professor.

Phil's father was once a salesman, a big-hearted man not easily controlled by systems. Raised on a Texas ranch, he left behind his prosperous upbringing, when barely a teen. His parents had divorced. His mother, by contrast, was of Cherokee descent, and had received training as a medicine woman. (Her grandfather was a tribal chief. Her aunt was an official trainer of Cherokee Nation horses, and another aunt was a "wise" woman).

Phil's father married the daughter of sharecroppers--a feisty redhead with common sense, integrity, persistence and finesse. She became the assistant to doctors at teaching hospitals. The couple raised their four children to believe that the human spirit is capable of great feats.

These days, Phil has found refuge in the Colorado Rockies. He has let his hair down, quite literally, to focus his energies on being spherical. This, he believes, is his life's work.

Phil's career experiences include:

Founder/CEO of a Web based digital asset management ASP with clients including FujiFilm; Chief Operating Officer of a Denver-based international photo stock agency that represented roughly 400 talents into 50 countries. The Executive Vice President of a Denver-based, publicly traded Internet Company where Phil designed a Web based GIS that served Fortune 500 clients. The Founder/President of a Southern California-based international strategic management consulting firm working at corporate board levels-clients included: Sears Mortgage, Ralston Purina, Kodak, Healthnet, Towers Perrin; President of a Dallas-based business to business multimedia firm.