Being Spherical
The Book

Being Spherical takes us on a journey toward a new way of understanding and thinking about the astonishing and disorienting changes in our work and in our lives. It puts us in accord with the world as it is, not as it was or as we were conditioned to see it. It provides us with the big-picture perspective and intuitive skill-sets necessary to live and work successfully in the age of interconnection.

Being Spherical explains what has changed, why it has changed and why the changes are not to be feared.

Being Spherical provides the processes and tools for seeing, understanding and dealing with the turbulent complexities of globalization.

Being Spherical provides the processes and tools to evaluate and influence the shape of our lives and our organizations.

Being Spherical helps us to understand and respond with creativity and inspiration.

Being Spherical guides to see what decisions are required and how those decisions fit into the larger sphere of society.

Being Spherical delivers a common language and visual model for communicating effectively and dynamically across the full spectrum of human activity.

Being Spherical reduces anxiety, increases comprehension and expands our spheres of influence.

Being Spherical guides our behaviors, expectations, attitudes and actions to fit the realities of our
life and times.