The Concept
See. Understand. Act.

The prevailing mechanistic worldview depicts a reality that is ordered, knowable and controllable. Yet, contemporary science, psychology, economics and dozens of other fields of study have clearly shown us that life is chaotic and complex, uncertain and unpredictable. The universe is not a machine and our world is under no one’s control.

Sphericity paints a picture of the world as it is -- interconnected, interdependent, complex and self-organizing. It guides us as we bring our lives, activities and organizations into accord with the emerging realities.

Why is this so vital? Because, for the first time in history, politicians, religious leaders, business tycoons and army generals do not and cannot and dictate our future. As a result of our sheer numbers6.5 billion and countingand the vast web of interconnections between people, each of us are shaping the future of the world. Through our thoughts, energies and actions we continuously influence the patterns of life (and death) in our world.

Sphericity is about see clearly, understanding deeply and acting appropriately. It is about making sense of the world we find ourselves in today. It is about understanding why we think the way we do, why we have the expectations we have and then understanding what has changed.

Sphericity is a guide toward living, thinking and behaving out of an awareness of the energy of our individual and collective influence.

“At the root of the major troubles in which nations are today involved, I believe that I can distinguish the signs of a change of age in over-all unity, of no matter what nature, has become economically and psychologically inevitable. Mankind, in coming of age, has begun to be subject to the necessity and to feel the urgency of forming one single body coextensive with itself.”