The Spherical Modeling Tool (SMT)
The Personal SMT

The Personal SMT depicted here, which has been simplified to make it more readable at this size, shows the four fundamental aspects of self typically identified in peoplephysical, emotional, intellectual and spiritualas sectors. It also includes the sectors of personal fulfillment, relationships, connections and genetic influences.

This Personal SMT, which is a snapshot of the guided selfevaluation of a 25-year-old woman, shows patterns that have seriously compromised her spherical integrity.

Notice that the sector representing the spiritual aspects of her life sinks toward the center. Her emotional sector shows loss of contact with her mother and siblings. She rates contact with her father at below expectation. She identifies a previous problem with emotional abuse by people in positions of authority.

The model also reveals that she is suffering the effects of several traumatic events, including the violent death of an intimate friend. The physical sector of her sphere shows a problem with substance abuse. The SMT also depicts a family history of high blood pressure, diabetes and alcohol abuse.

Her Personal SMT depicts the shape of the relationship between her family history, life traumas, her relationship with her mother and father, the overall condition of her emotional development,her sexual activity, personal relationships and her general lack of fulfillment. Her isolation is evident in her lack of connections to friends, community and to nature.

The overall shape of her Personal SMT reveals the patterns of a person who lacks many of the interconnections that are important to achieving a healthy, well-integrated life.

After this assessment, she began to attract new spheres of opportunity, which positively influenced the shape of her own sphere. In particular it was the strong nodes and a tensegral relationship with two extended family members which supported her and guided her to new awareness.

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